What can Duong Designs do for you?

For the office: We will help your business thrive by creating an environment in which your employees feel happy coming into work every day, which in turn has been proven to make employees more productive. When you invite potential clients to your office, you will be bringing them into a space that reflects the quality and superior skills offered by your business.

For restaurants, bars and retail: Your clientele will be hungry to return, not just for your delicious cuisine but also for the alluring ambience that makes their day feel richer and more joy-filled.

For the home: We will make the place you live a space that promotes comfort, style, functionality and pleasure for you, for your family and for your friends.

Whatever your practical requirements, our mission is to create a space that will truly reflect your needs, your desires, your lifestyle & your passions.

The scope can be limited in size or expansive. Our team will work with you to transform just one room, or to redesign a 10,000 square foot office—or to open a new restaurant or boutique. Whatever the size of your project, our team will help you create a space that is a dream actualized. Duong Designs offers a wide range of interior design services for our clients. Our team's specialty is translating your vision and the needs of your businesses into unique and functional design solutions

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  • 3D Rendering
  • Artwork & Accessory Selection
  • Blueprints and Specifications
  • Budget Development
  • Color/Paint Consultation
  • Conceptual Design & Space Visualization
  • Construction Administration and Observation
  • Construction Documents Preparation
  • Custom Furniture
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design
  • Existing Site Analysis & Interior Planning
  • Feng Shui
  • Furnishing & Material Selection
  • Graphics/Signage
  • Millwork Design
  • Project Research
  • Renovation Master Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Universal Design
  • Window Treatment Design


"Christine was a pleasure to work with when decorating my new-construction condominium. She worked with me to understand my needs and how to provide it within a budget. Christine managed every aspect of the decorating process and worked around my busy schedule. Christine was open-minded in solving any problem and consistently brought me creative solutions." -T. Korenbrot, San Francisco, California

"Christine Duong was a joy to work with and a professional throughout the remodeling of my home in LA. Having to live in the house during the entire renovation wasn't fun, but very worth it and she helped make the process a bit more of fun creative process. She worked with me to understand who I was and what I needed. The transformation of this entire house into what seems like a completely different property is just incredible. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Christine!" -D. Ginkus, Hollywood Hills, California

Commercial Renovations & Tenant Improvements

Duong Designs has the experience necessary to work with federal, state & city code compliance and has established relationships within the industry. Christine Duong has also worked as a commercial property manager, so is aware of the various issues from the property owner's perspective, which is particularly valuable when doing tenant improvements to ensure that things run smoothly. We do everything possible to ensure that good design is achieved, delivered on schedule and with the kind of quality control that exceeds your expectations.

Residential New Construction & Remodel

Home construction and/or remodeling can be a very exciting process but also very stressful. We will help you liaison with architects, builders, engineers, and contractors to ensure you do the right thing the first time, rather than paying for "do-overs." We will explain some pros & cons of various decisions so that you are more able to make an informed choice that will please you in the years to come. Then after you make your choices, we will keep you involved in each step of the project. We understand that open communication is essential to any good collaboration. Your satisfaction is what determines if the project is successful.

Sustainable Design

The intent of sustainable design is to reduce or eliminate negative environmental impact through eco-sensitive choices. Our lives today move at a rapid pace, which gives us little time to stop and consider the effect our surroundings have on us. There is an increasing awareness that in some aspects of modern technology, the materials we use and the substances we release into the atmosphere can create lasting damage on our health and the planet. Research has shown the many benefits of "green" design, which include enhanced performance & productivity with more collaboration, improved bottom line, faster recovery rates for patients, better comfort, and overall health & safety.

Duong Designs is currently involved with the Sustainable Works Program, Sustainable Landscape Design Series for Professionals, Green Living Workshops and the Green Garden Academy. We will help you achieve a beautifully designed space that takes effective steps towards reducing your ecological footprint.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient environmental study of the energy patterns that underly all aspects of life. It is the "art of placement". By understanding these concepts, we choose designs, meaningful images and symbols that support our goals and our lives. The results of the effective application of Feng Shui can be life changing. As practiced today, Feng Shui can aid in creating environments in which we feel comfortable and emotionally supported. In some areas, placement may be common sense, and others may not make sense until we recognize the problem areas in our lives, then taking positive steps to improve them. With harmonious placement, we can connect the energy of the spaces around us and bring about desired changes.

Feng Shui is embraced by those who are aware of the subtle impact their surroundings have on them. By creating a visual and structural balance, the "Chi" life force is permitted to flow freely thus enhancing the quality of our lives, and the effectiveness of our actions. Some of the traditional benefits to Feng Shui are increased prosperity, improved current or attraction of better relationships, increased recognition in the professional world, improved health and the list goes on. Duong Designs works with you in trying to balance this ancient art with modern day practical application.

Universal Design

The concept of Universal Design is an approach to the design of environments to be as usable as possible by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability or situation. Universal design is not a fad or a trend but an enduring design approach that originates from the belief that the broad range of human ability is ordinary, not special. Universal design accommodates people with disabilities, older people, children, and others who are non-average in any way and benefits all users. At Duong Design, we believe that even the most unique style choices can also exist within this conceptual structure of universality of purpose.

Aging in Place

In addition to our other specialities, Duong Designs also has skill and experience in working with people as they age. We embrace the idea that is known as "aging in place." This means independent living for persons of all ages and abilities within an aesthetically pleasing environment. We help by converting or adapting your environment to adapt to your evolving needs in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce accidents, and support independent living. Home modification, ranging from low-cost to more expensive adaptations, includes removing hazards (e.g., clutter, throw rugs), adding special features or assistive devices (e.g., grab bars, ramps, lifts), moving furnishings, changing where activities occur (e.g., sleeping on the first instead of second floor) and renovations (e.g., installing a roll-in shower). In some cases, modifying the home may also require repairs such as improved wiring to eliminate the need for dangerous extension cords or fixing loose stair treads. Our goal and our commitment is to make these practical changes within a framework of safety, practicality and style.

Certified Interior Designer FAQ

  1. Are you planning to hire an interior designer? Make sure they're certified!

    Hiring a Certified Interior Designer ensures that you'll be working with an experienced and competent design professional. If you've never worked with an interior designer before, the process can be overwhelming. The Certified Interior Designer has the education, training, and experience to guide you through the entire design process- from helping define the initial project goals, to meeting cost and time budgets. A certified professional can actually save you considerable time and expense by knowing how to get the most out of your design budget, and by avoiding costly mistakes. Fees for certified interior designers are very competitive in the marketplace.

  2. What is a Certified Interior Designer? (B&P Code Section 5800,5538)

    As opposed to a non-certified interior designer, a Certified Interior Designer is a competent design professional who is qualified to design, prepare, and submit any type of non-structural, non-seismic interior construction plans and specifications to local building departments. Certified Interior Designers have demonstrated through education, experience and examination their knowledge of the Uniform Building Code as it relates to space planning, life safety, flammability and disabled access code issues.

    Many people call themselves interior designers, but if you are a consumer with a complex project, be sure you hire someone who is truly qualified to execute the task at hand. Anyone may use the term "interior designer". However, their qualifications for professional practice are unknown. If they are not a Certified Interior Designer, they may not have the knowledge and ability to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

    Only persons who have met these education, experience, and examination requirements, and have been certified by the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC) may refer to themselves as a Certified Interior Designer.

  3. What are the meanings of the terms "non-structural" and "non-seismic"?

    "Non-structural" means interior elements that are non-load bearing. It excludes the structural grid system supporting a building. "Non-seismic" means interior elements that do not assist in the seismic bracing of a building's structural system.

    Common non-structural items include ceiling and partition systems. These components employ normal and typical bracing conventions and do not assist in the structural integrity of a building.

  4. May Certified Interior Designers design handicap access systems?

    Yes. Certified Interior Designers are required by law to pass a building and barrier free codes exam to demonstrate proficiency in handicap access and other code requirements. This is also commonly referred to as Universal Design.

    They are recognized by Section 5800(a) to have "...demonstrated by means of education, experience, and examination the competency to protect and enhance the health, safety, and welfare of the public..."

  5. May Certified Interior Designers submit construction documents for Plan Review? (B&P Code Section 5805)

    Yes. The building official is authorized to recognize the Certified Interior Designer's drawings and documents. For plan check and acceptance, the building official shall reference the California Building Code. Each Certified Interior Designer will affix a stamp and a wet signature to all drawings, specifications or documents prepared for submissions, as specified in Section 5801. All documents shall be identified as interior design documents, which are not architectural nor engineering documents.

Excerpts from California Council for Interior Design Certification Consumer Brochure. Download Full PDF.

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." -Ralph Waldo Emerson